Adding mulch to your existing landscaping not only adds a contrast of texture and color, but it’s better for your plants. Mulch provides organic nutrients to the roots of your plants and does a better job of holding in moisture than rock.

Choose A Color:


When you use black mulch around green foliage, such as sweet potato vines, it really pops. For gray and contemporary homes, use black mulch.


For red brick homes, try brown mulch. This color is currently the most popular with our customers!


If you use more terra cottas, golds, and warm tones in your outdoor space, red mulch is the right one for you!

Compost & Topsoil:


Compost is a mixture of ingredients used to fertilize and improve the soil. Commonly prepared by decomposing plant and food waste, and recycling organic materials. The resulting mixture is rich in plant nutrients and beneficial organisms. Compost improves soil fertility in gardens and landscaping.


Topsoil is the uppermost outer layer of soil; it is composed of mineral particles, organic matter, water, and air. It is good for filling in holes and good for gardens.

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